McOrmond Drive 900mm PVC PWM

McOrmond Primary Watermain

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Constructed beneath one of Saskatoon’s major roadway’s, this primary watermain was constructed with large gate valves and chambers for easy access. Specific scopes of work included:

  • 734 meters 900mm PVC PC165 Pipe
  • 310 meters 600mm PVC PC165 Pipe
  • 3 Cast in Place Valve Chambers
  • 2,014 meters of 200 to 375mm PVC Sanitary Sewer Pipe, 3.0 to 8.5 meters deep
  • 820 meters of 375 to 1200mm PVC Storm Sewer Pipe, 2.5 to 5.5 meters deep
  • 1,553 meters of 150 to 300mm PVC PC235 water main pipe