McOrmond Storm Sewer Trunk

McOrmond Deep Trunk Sewer

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A key project for the City of Saskatoon as steady population growth extends the city limits. This Design-Build contract included the installation of a common trench Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer System at depths of 10 to 12 meters. Technological advancements were applied as GPS grading systems confirmed alignment and grade of the underground infrastructure. Excavation strategies were implemented to mitigate risks of sloughing soils and protect the safety of employees. Specific scopes of work included:

  • 1,630 meters of 1050mm to 1200mm RCP Sanitary Sewer pipe installed
  • 1,620 meters of 2100mm RCP Sanitary Storm Sewer pipe installed
  • 16 Trunk manhole chamber and transitional adaptors installed
  • Existing gas and waterline suspension
  • On-site joint quality control methods