Moose Jaw 750mm PVC Water Transmission Pipeline

Moose Jaw Water Supply Line

Buffalo Pound, Saskatchewan to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The City of Moose Jaw Water Supply Line Project took place in both greenspace and within the municipal limits. The work included construction of a water supply line from the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant to Moose Jaw. Hamm self-performed all Auger Boring and Tunnel Boring for the project. Specific scopes of work included:

  • 20,000 meters of 750mm PVC PC 125 Pipe
  • 24 Combination Air Release/Vacuum Valve Chambers
  • 17 Steel Cased Auger Bore Crossings beneath roadways and existing pipelines ranging from 1200 to 1500mm
  • 13 Drain Stations
  • 1,000 meters of water line installation through a wetland executed under frozen conditions