City of Regina Sewer Trunk Relief Initiative 1500mm PVC

PVC Sewage Forcemain Phase 3

Regina, Saskatchewan

The City of Regina Trunk Relief Initiative Project involved the installation of a 1500mm PVC diameter forcemain that tied into the McCarthy Boulevard Pumping Station. This is the largest 1500mm diameter PVC pipe project in Saskatchewan and one of the largest in Canada. Specific scopes of work included:

  • 4,100 meters of 1500mm PVC PC80 Pipe
  • 2 Pump Drain Structures
  • 4 Combination Air/Vacuum Valve Chambers
  • 4 – 2000mm Diameter Steel Cased Auger Bore Crossings
  • 11 meter Deep Tie into McCarthy Boulevard Pumping Station
  • Relocation of Existing Forcemain at Regina Bypass Project